At Eco Engineering, every time we complete a project, we’ve helped our customer lower their operating costs and improve their visual environment. And we are proud the energy reduction helps preserve the world for future generations.

Utility Incentives

An Energy Rebate Program, or Energy Credit Incentive Program, typically provides a cash rebate program for customers planning to install new, energy efficient lighting systems. The utilities provide these incentives because their regulators would rather reduce energy usage on the grid than build new power generating facilities. 


Financial Analysis

One of the leading reasons companies upgrade their lighting is to save money. Your investment in higher efficiency lighting will deliver returns over future months and years. Eco Engineering maintains its own detailed financial modeling tools based on over twenty years of in-market experience. We can provide investment analytics such


Cost Segregation

Sometimes when a building is bought or sold, the new owner depreciates all the building assets at a single depreciation rate. This means the some of the equipment eligible for faster depreciation – including the lighting system – is being depreciated over ten or fifteen years. Cost segregation is the method used to reclassify assets